Print available

  • Edition size: 99
  • 55 x 60 cm (21.7 x 23.6 Inches)
  • Paper White BFK Rives 270 g.
    Lithograph 3 colors printed with Marinoni machines and hand cutted
Everything is fleeting, life, success, love ... a butterfly has more hope of a life than us with our existence doomed to be reduced to dust!
15 minutes of Warhol fame? Then what? Is it worth seeking success on reality TV to end up in a hole in the ground?!
Give me a gun. Give me some bullets. Fly to my rescue before I ask myself too many questions.



Born in 1976 in Paris, Ludo is a French contemporary artist deriving from the street art movement. He began to express himself in the streets of his city by tagging as a teenager and evolved into collage in 2007, now his trademark.

He has a predilection for three colors, black, white and his own distinctive green, combining them to form hybrid, vegetal-robotic creatures, which are half natural, half technological. His works are found around the world and are the subject of numerous exhibitions and much mediatised events.

(Picture © Christopher Anderson)