Ludo is a contemporary artist born in 1976 in Paris. He is currently living and working in Paris. He studied art in Milan and started to create murals in Paris when he was a teenager. He started collage in 2007 which is now his trademark, as much as his favorite colors - black, white and green - that he uses in each of his artwork.

Ludo’s work is all about connexion between nature, animals and new technologies. It’s all about the world surrounding us. Mixing robotic and natural elements, Ludo questions us about our reality. Without condemning he is putting in highlight topics such as global warming, capitalism, globalization, ecology and the place of the human being among nature.

Each of his artwork has this particular touch : the green colour he invented and that you can find on each of his artwork. He is painting on every kind of support such as walls, canvas, sculptures, boat. His work can be seen in cities such as New York, Bangkok, Sydney, Amsterdam, Zurich, London, Paris and so on.


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