Ci Manga (Pink Edition)

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  • Edition size: 35
  • Pink Edition
  • 55 x 80 cm (21,6 x31,5 Inches)
  • 5 color lithography including colour hand finishing Papier BFK Rives 270 g
" The 80’s were a very cult decade for those who were born in the 70’s.
Kids grew up with the most poetic cartoon characters, especially those from Japanese Manga worlds.
We use to dream loads about hope, freedom, trust and most of those characters gave us the chance live our childhood and grow up in a very encouraging way.
But on the other hand, our new generation of kids seems lost, sad, cynical... they gulp anything down like junk food. They do not have dreams anymore, instead they are bored and have become consumers. This is the CI MANGA mood...
In Italian, MANGA word is pretty similar to MANCA, which means missed something... CI MANGA sounds like “We missed it”. I guess it sounds like "We are missing out on Astroboy and all our childhood cartoons' heroes".
Our children’s heroes seem to be dying while our new silly generation is ready to gulp him down." Fidia.


Offbeat and humoristic iconographies, here are visuals revealed by Fidia Falaschetti with spirit and imagination. And no one can escape from him; Disney, Facebook, Nike, Internet are a sample of the icons and logos which have suffered from Fidia’s sharp humour.

With playful mockery, Fidia transforms Mickey Mouse’s face into a butt, and Jesus Christ into a reader of Mein Kampf. Always with colourful and pop colours, he adapts sculptures, canvases or walls in order to impose his own iconic characters. And even the most famous superheroes are metamorphosed.

Fidia has the strange power to point a mocking and amused finger at the Achilles’ heels of the pop culture’s referents, taking their subliminal content away and endowing them with some humanity.