Grey Burst

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  • Edition size: 50
  • 77.5 x 77.5 cm (30.5 x 30.5 inches)
  • Paper White BFK Rives 300 g.
    Lithograph in 3 colors printed with Marinoni machines.
    Co-edition between Lezarts Urbains & Print Them All.
"For “Grey Burst”, I transpose my personal vision of my environment on a canvas; proposing an abstract and duplicate vision of the disorganized entanglement of the contrasts in my urban life. On one hand, the city in sections of walls or blue-prints, on the other humanity and its individuality.
Usually, for my paintings, I draw my inspiration from my memories and my meetings with the city and its inhabitants adding my own style, with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail.
Fond of precision work and keen on pure aesthetics, technique holds a prominent place in my production. My gestures, as well as the materials and tools I use, evolve together with my art, my work gaining clarity with experience and time. The patience and meticulousness displayed give an almost industrial aspect to my treatment of modern architecture. Using the technique of lithography to create something contributes to the sharp rendering I always look for." Thomas Canto.


An appointment in the crossfire where the dimensions are crossing and mistaking the vision. Suddenly, the floor seems to shy away beneath our feet as soon as we see Thomas Canto’s work. His definite and mastered geometry takes us away in an idyllic and psychedelic flood. Nylon cords and pure colours become entangled in a fierce precision in order to only leave an illusion to the spectator who is dominated by the work.

Nothing is taken for granted in a world in which up and down are mixing in a perspective unknown up to here. Elevation and unlimitedness run alongside with smallness and meticulousness on a two-colours canvas. Thomas Canto alike a line magician plays with sleight of hand in order to only leave us with a strange feeling of dream and hallucination.