Pack Voila Editions


Print available

  • Edition size: 16 each
  • 75 cm x 105 cm (29.53 Inches x 41.34 Inches)
  • Paper BFK Rives 270 g.
    Lithograph on stone 1 color printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut
    Signed and numbered by the artist.

Enjoy this pack of 2 amazing lithographs on stone by the artist Harif Guzman from New-York. The 2 Editions Voila, Red and Black, are lithographs which have been created on stone. They are part of Harif Guzman’s “The One of a Kind” series, which represents the capacity of some individual soul to shine through the crowd. As we see in these lithographs, the artist exposes a cluster of people intertwining, mostly blending into a shapeless mass. The characters no longer seem to have an ounce of life and energy, almost looking like zombies. He clearly represented the people living in those crowded cities, where everyone looks the same and where there seems to be no individuality. Yet, among this lifeless crowds, the soul of some people gets to shine through.

The particularity of these two lithographs for this edition Voila is that they have been created on stone, a printmaking technique where the artist directly paints or draws onto a flat stone to create an art piece. The process involves painting or drawing the stone with a greasy substance, which will absorb the oil-based ink that will be rolled on it. Then, a piece of paper is pressed into the stone to let the ink to be transferred from the stone to the paper, creating the image.



Harif Guzman is a world-renowned contemporary artist and a fashion designer born in Venezuela in 1975, currently living in New York. The city is not only his home but also his canvas and source of inspiration. His artistic influences derive from his experiences of honest craft and image making while he was working in his father’s print shop, as a boy.

His work is about transformation of humble materials into powerful artworks, as a reference to his life transformation, from a shop worker to a worldwide renowned contemporary artist. Best known for his drawings of his alter ego, Haculla – an iconic figure in the street art scene of New York, Harif Guzman’s work is a unique technique that refuse the deadening effects of iconographical conformity.

His work has been exhibited world-wide form United-States to Australia, passing by Europe and Asia. He also collaborated with brands as Volcom, Burton and Tommy Hilfiger.