Pour de vrai, pour la vie...

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  • Edition size: 70
  • 59,7 x 40 cm (23.5 x 15.7 Inches)
  • Paper White BFK Rives 270 g.
    Lithograph 6 colors printed with Marinoni machines, hand cutted and hand finished.
"I have in fact worked, a few years ago, on a series of portraits which could evoke love. They are portraits of kisses, children, teenagers and couples. I have also portrayed older couples kissing, homosexuals, heterosexual. This work is in fact part of a declination of kisses linked to love, erotic or not, as some are lustful but here we have two children showing tenderness for each other." C215


Emotions, expressions, humanity, here is the vocabulary transcribed on canvas and walls by C215 alias Christian Guémy. Known as one of the legends of the urban Parisian scene, his works mix symbols of urban rejection. Street kids, homeless, drug-addicts, they are all waiting for time to fly by although it does not happen quickly enough. This is what conveys C215 in the form of a silent visual revolution.

His faces are of a flawless expression, accentuated by the addition of blazing colors, which defy the sadness of the gaze and question the viewer. As a muse, appear the features of his daughter, Nina. Far away from an urban writing vocabulary, it is humans who inspire C215, his misfortunes, concerns, daily life, especially the impact of this daily life on their expression and feelings.