Life & Death

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  • Edition size: 99
  • 85,5 x 64 cm (33,67 x 25,20 inches)
  • Paper BFK Rives 270 g.
    Lithograph 3 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut.
    Signed and numbered by the artist.

There is a skull representing \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Death\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and then the birds flying with the clouds representing \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".  There is also the all seeing eye.... keeping watch and recording history as it happens.... In history you have life and you have death... the lives are what makes history exist, and then again everything must always come to an end no matter how good or bad something may be…  

So, for me, there is a delicate balance on the earth of life and death.... Every life matters, and every death matters in the same and equal way. That is in some way what the piece is about... it could also be said that maybe in some way the piece is about the fragility of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" .... Life is precious, and in these fast times we live in, it can be very easy to forget this fact....  The all seeing eye present in this image is really about how everything we do now is being constantly accounted for, monitored and recorded....

This is the world we live in now...  In fact - we even voluntarily let ourselves be monitored through our phones and computers....  So this is very much a part of our life and our death now... it is very much part of our life cycle...  So to depict life and death in this post contemporary world, it is a given to also include this idea as well.



Emotions, expressions, humanity, here is the vocabulary transcribed on canvas and walls by C215 alias Christian Guémy. Known as one of the legends of the urban Parisian scene, his works mix symbols of urban rejection. Street kids, homeless, drug-addicts, they are all waiting for time to fly by although it does not happen quickly enough. This is what conveys C215 in the form of a silent visual revolution.

His faces are of a flawless expression, accentuated by the addition of blazing colors, which defy the sadness of the gaze and question the viewer. As a muse, appear the features of his daughter, Nina. Far away from an urban writing vocabulary, it is humans who inspire C215, his misfortunes, concerns, daily life, especially the impact of this daily life on their expression and feelings.