Print available

  • Edition size: 99
  • 118 cm x 78 cm (46.46 Inches x 30.71 Inches)
    Co-edition between MAMCO Genève and Print Them All.
  • White Paper BFK Rives 300g
    Lithograph 1 color and more than 20 variations, printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut
    Signed and numbered by the artist on the back of the lithograph, stamped by our printing house and MAMCO Genève.

According to the request of the artist, the choice of the variation is random.

"When I’ve been invited for this project, in collaboration with Lionel Bovier from MAMCO, I realized that I was working on a Christmas event with my son and that this year’s theme was revolving around Alf—an unlikely alien visitor, fallen on earth, and welcomed by a middle-class US family. I realized there was an iconography around it that was just as unlikely and that could serve as an ideal support for these lithographs.

The decision to make different colors came from a printing tradition: in the 1970s, we opened a printing company with some friends and we produced silkscreen and offset prints. We had a lot of broadcast activity. We produced the prints ourselves, and as we were impatient, as soon as we made an edition, we liked to make variants of it right away. Instead of making 100 similar prints, we printed different copies, so that we could change the colors, invert the sheets, make overlays. All these ideas and sensations came back to me, at the printing house IDEM, working with the team who was also very sensitive to the idea. So, we have taken this pattern: from a matrix, I made variants, overlays, color transfers and it is interesting because it is disorganized compared to this fix traditional printing system. We had fun printing these lithographs thwarting the game of traditional printing. After each draw, we sought to do it differently, so it is also a kind of performance. " John Armleder


Born in 1948, John Armleder, a native from Geneva, Switzerland, is an artist, a sculptor, a painter and an art performer which finds his creative inspiration in what he calls a “supermarket of forms”. John Armleder always wanted to be an artist. After graduating from the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts, in Geneva and The Glamorgan Summer School, he founded the Groupe Ecart, which played a significant role in the introduction of artists such as Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol in the European art scene.

In the meantime, he developed his own creative style in a range of mediums and techniques, His artwork is a mix of influences from different artistic movements, such as the suprematism, the Minimalism and the Neo-Dada. John Armleder found his own creative vocabulary by blending abstraction with “sculptural furnitures”.

Since his debuts as an artist, John Armleder has exhibited his artworks in prestigious institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), in New York, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) in Geneva or the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Sydney. This, among many solo shows in Galleries around the world.