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  • Edition size: 60
  • 99 x 61 cm (39 x 24 Inches)
  • Paper Somerset Satin 300 g.
    Lithograph 10 colors printed with Marinoni machines and hand cutted
    Signed and numbered by the artist
“I’d like to highlight the syncretism which we are confronted in South America.
It is about a mixture of influence between our original culture and those of the conquistadors of Spain.
For the first one, the concept of death is integrating the life while the second the death represents only the end and the nothingness." Inti


From the name of the Inca divinity, it is not surprising if Inti transcribes his expression with warm, embosoming effects. Gigantesque sizes are for him an obsession just as the Latin representations, which are a reference to his Chilean roots.

Thus, his famous « kusillo » is dressed from head to foot with bullets, tooth necklaces, zany hats or skulls. His characters prove to be shy, showing only a short glance under an amazingly crafty textile patchwork. No matter whether his frescoes are horizontal or vertical so long as the medium remains as large as his characters.

Playful at first sight, questioning on a second look, Inti combines naivety and Spanish fascist symbols in order to intercept the spectator better. And it is, without a doubt, a success.