Sweet Dreams

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  • Edition size: 50
  • 76 x 58 cm (29.9 x 22.8 Inches)
  • Paper BFK Rives 270 gr.
    Lithography 7 colors
“I don’t like to explain my works, I think that they are so illustrative that everyone could interpret it by himself, I’m giving illustrations and titles. I like the fact that people who watching my works have chance to turn on their imagination and create their own stories about them.” Sainer.


A dreamlike aesthetic that excels in the facial interpretation, here is what Sainer reveals, being member of the “ETAM cru” co-operative that combines the two Polish artists Sainer and Bezt. He especially works with the human representation with a particular ability that only reveals certain features of his characters’ faces. However these features are enough to collide and communicate in an original way.

Master of the monumental, his formats invade the walls and spread to a brand new scale. The colours play with the blazing tones and the poetic pastel. His works are always tinged with dreams and take the viewer in some unconfessed and infinites spheres.