The Fall


Print available

  • Edition size: 199
  • 70 cm x 83 cm (27,56 x 32,68 inches)
  • Paper BFK Rives 270 g.
    Lithograph 27 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut.
    Signed and numbered by the artist.

A beautiful harmony of colors. What is it all about ? Movement, action and of course the art of calligraphy, writing my name. It’s been a long story and at times, I’ve looked at my artworking and have just been amazed by evolution. And here I see there are some references to that abstraction that I’m known for and also the writing but it’s very contemporary. I’m graced to be able to be still a player in this game and I’ve fallen like so many of my contemporaries.

And that’s why I call it « The Fall », « The Fall » for me is to rise up, it’s a way of paying homage to challenges of life and the process of growing. Because for me it’s always been about an evolution : from painting on the walls to going to the streets and doing canvases today, to exposing my artworks all over the world.  It’s way of rising up form the ashes, a flower that grows in the concrete ghettos of New-York city. The orange, the yellow, the green, the red : it’s a urban forest...


John Andrew Perello, alias JonOne or Jon156, is an American graffiti artist born in 1963. Originally from Harlem, New York, he lives and works now in Paris. He started tagging his name “Jon156” all over the neighborhood at the age of 17. In 1984, he founded the 156 All Starz Crew, who bring together artists with a passion for Graffiti.

Following an invitation from the artist Bando, he moved to Paris in 1987 and never left since then. He found in Paris a place where he could “pursue personal enrichment”. Exchanging walls for canvas and spray can to paintbrushes, JonOne quickly made a name for himself in Parisian artistic circles. As an “abstract expressionism graffiti artist”, as he likes to call himself, JonOne creates abstract paintings, influenced by the movement and the energy of colors, as you can see in his lithograph “The Fall”.

In 1990, JonOne made his first solo exhibition, entitled “Graffitism” at the 45 Gleditsch Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Since then, he has exposed his artworks all over the world from Tokyo to New York, through Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva and Brussels. He also collaborated with renowned companies such as Guerlain, Lacoste, Air France and Hennessy.