Our Artists

JOIN WAITING LIST Audrey Kawasaki Audrey Kawasaki is a Japanese-American artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Kawasaki grew up reading Japanese manga comics, which inspired her to draw from an early age. She started taking after-school fine art classes at Mission Renaissance in her late teenage years. There she learned the basic foundation of drawing [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST CB Hoyo CB Hoyo (Havana, 1995) addresses topics that are usually thought of by many but spoken by a few: social media impact, consumerism, moral values, the human condition, … The Cuban self-taught artist finds in text art the path to developing his own artistic voice and understanding of life. He works [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Craig Costello Craig Costello, also known as KR, is a New York City-based artist whose interdisciplinary practice encompasses painting, site-specific installations, and photography.  Experimentation and innovation are the cornerstones of Costello’s approach. He pushes the boundaries of traditional art by repurposing and modifying unexpected objects, such as fire extinguishers, garden sprayers, and [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST David Flores David Flores is a contemporary artist known for his highly stylized and vibrant paintings. Born into a multicultural environment in California, he was introduced to oil painting by his mother at the age of 7. Since then, Flores has developed a passion for creating art as a painter, muralist, and [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST DEFER DEFER, also known as Alex "DEFER" Kizu, is a prominent artist known for his intricate and dynamic graffiti art, which has become an integral part of the Los Angeles street art scene. His artistic journey began in the early 1980s, and he soon became a respected figure in the street art [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST IT'S A LIVING IT’S A LIVING is not just a statement but it is also a life philosophy for Ricardo Gonzalez, a designer, and artist from Durango México currently living in Brooklyn. His signature script style can be easily recognized from large-scale murals to commercial work for some of the biggest brands [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Jahlil Nzinga Hailing from East Bay, Berkeley, Jahlil Nzinga explored various creative pathways from a young age. He excelled at extreme sports, theater, and music, but ultimately found his passion in visual arts. Nzinga describes his past endeavors as “flirting with a creative calling” until painting “became the true love he would [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST KEELEY John Ryan Keeley, otherwise known as KEELEY, is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his use of merging new-age innovative imaging technology with tried and true classic art mediums and practices. In 2010 Keeley developed a method of painting called “hybrid-expressionism” where he used a “hacked” large format printer to create [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST King Saladeen Born and raised in West Philly, King Saladeen (b. 1982) is a world-renowned, entirely self-taught artist known for his mastery of vibrant colors and abstract contemporary art. His work spans from murals, fine art and to vinyl toys, apparel, and custom-painted luxury cars. Today, he is most notably recognized for [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Lady Pink Lady Pink was born in Ecuador, raised in NYC and currently resides in the countryside north of the city. In 1979 she started writing graffiti and soon was well known as the only female capable of competing with the boys in the graffiti subculture. Pink painted subway trains from the [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST MADSTEEZ Mark Paul Deren, aka MADSTEEZ, is known for his vivid, large-scale, multi-layered paintings and murals, where strange and familiar figures are integrated into abstract landscapes. His artistic approach is influenced by being peculiarly blind in one eye, where he sees only abstractions and lines of colour, most notably reds, purples, and oranges, [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST PAA JOE Paa Joe was born on November 21st, 1947 in Akwapim Hills, Greater Accra Region in Ghana. He belongs to the Ga-Adangbe.  At the age of 16 he started his ten-year apprenticeship from 1960-1970 as a coffin artist in the workshop of his uncle Kane Kwei (1924–1992) in Teshie. In 1977 Paa Joe started [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Rero Punchlines, aphorisms, twisted images, semantic games and a deconstruction of the many contradictions of our times...  At the intersection of urban practices, land art and conceptual creation inspired by Duchamp, Debord and of course Roland Barthes, the artist questions the rhetoric of image and its “floating chain of signifieds”.  Rero’s intriguing [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Robert Combas Since 1979, French artist Robert Combas (b. 1957) has been a pioneer of the "figuration libre" movement, which emerged in the 1980s to challenge traditional artistic norms and sought to democratize art by asserting that anyone could be an artist. Drawing inspiration from accessible aspects of popular culture, including punk, [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Ryol Yogyakarta-based Artist, Laksamana Ryo a.k.a Ryol has been focusing his skills on visual art, especially pop culture visual art. Originally a musician-wannabe, Ryol turned his passion into a pop culture visual artist with his childhood background as the biggest influence. Thanks to their parents and Sunday’s cartoon TV programs for being [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST UFO907 American-based artist UFO907 began writing graffiti on the streets of New York in the early nineties. Trading paint brushes for spray cans after leaving Parsons School of Design disillusioned he took on the moniker “UFO” but quickly began using a simple spaceship as his unique and recognisable tag, assisting in honing [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Vexta Yvette Vexta is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia, based in New York City. She is recognized as one of the leading female artists in the street and contemporary urban art scene and one of the first women street artists in what was once a very male-dominated field.  Her career [...]

Adele Renault Adele Renault is an artist with a deft touch for that which most might find commonplace. From pigeons to people, she focuses her artistry on realistic depictions of ordinary city residents, on canvas as well large scale murals. Adele was raised on a farmhouse in the Belgian Ardennes where her musical family encouraged [...]

John Wentz John Wentz is a contemporary artist whose work is an exploration of process and technique. Working within the classical idiom of the human figure, his goal is to reduce and simplify the image to its core fundamentals: composition, color, and mark-making. Paint application and brush strokes are broad and simplified as a means to [...]

Brusk Originally from Lyon, Brusk has been prolific in graffiti where he quickly made his mark. More recently, his engagement in the DMV (Da Mental Vaporz) collective combined with his sheer determination has helped him to break into the world of galleries, leaving graffiti aside to focus on canvas. From his studio, he has forged [...]

Meguru Yamaguchi Meguru Yamaguchi was born and raised in Shibuya, Tokyo, and now works in Brooklyn, New-York. Meguru Yamaguchi achieves a uniquely chaotic, vibrantly intense and visually robust abstraction, through a technique he’s invented and refers to as “Cut & Paste”. The method entails laying out paints on plastic sheets to dry, then cutting, peeling [...]

Stickymonger Stickymonger is a New York-based artist whose giant murals transform ordinary spaces into eerie, dreamlike, parallel universes. Looking into the large eyes of her animation-inspired subjects, the viewer is invited to explore the interplay of darkness and light, as well as the tension between innocence and fear, femininity and anxiety. The artist’s early murals [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Trevor Andrew Trevor Andrew (b. 1979; Nova Scotia, Canada) Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, aka Gucci Ghost, is a multi-disciplinary Artist, based in Los Angeles, CA.  He is internationally known for his raw street aesthetic and pop art sensibility. Trevor’s recent work explores our relationship with consumer culture, bending the perception of what is [...]

Adrian Falkner Adrian Falkner is building upon 20 years of ongoing success: Under his writer name SMASH137 he has achieved worldwide recognition. His graffiti can be seen on countless walls and his style is considered to be formative worldwide, as he combines technical precision with an innovative approach to the traditional vocabulary of graffiti writing. [...]

Tavar Zawacki Tavar Zawacki (born 1981) is an American abstract artist based in Berlin, Germany. For twenty years (1996–2016) Tavar Zawacki created and signed all of his artworks with his street artist pseudonym, 'ABOVE'. At the age of 19, Tavar bought a one-way flight from California to Paris, France, bringing with him a backpack full [...]

Faith XLVII Faith XLVII is an internationally-acclaimed visual artist from South Africa who is currently based in Los Angeles. Through her work she attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. In this way, her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to [...]

Ben Eine Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letterforms. Originally a graffiti writer, Eine started his career over 30 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style. [...]

Niels Shoe Meulman Niels Shoe Meulman is a visual artist, known for his gestural paintings which reveal vivid traces of graffiti and calligraphy. He revolutionized the art of writing when he initiated the Calligraffiti movement, claiming “a word is an image and writing is painting”. Being a graffiti pioneer from Amsterdam, Shoe tagged along with [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Michael Reeder Michael Reeder was born in Dallas, Texas in 1982, where he grew up influenced by the local skate and street culture. Drawing and painting in traditional mediums from a young age, Reeder found himself drawn to the underground, unseen, yet very public form of painting graffiti. He later moved to [...]

Zes ZES, aka Zeser, is a contemporary artist from Los Angeles who is part of the graffiti crew MSK (Mad Society Kings) since the early 90s. He became well known for creating intensely ambitious works even in the most extreme locations such as tall buildings and billboards. His artworks are created with brushes and acrylic [...]

Michael Vasquez Michael Vasquez’s work explores a world of misguided youth coming of age, trying to find themselves. In search of acceptance and belonging within an inherent disposition of broken homes and underserved communities, Vasquez’s subjects are primed for the influence and allure of neighborhood street gangs and cliques as they navigate the expectations and [...]

Tanc A painting by Tanc is a discovery "There it is. You like it, you’re interested, and you interact with it as little by little your spirit, your unconscious, begins to understand and you perceive it differently. It pervades you, and you move into it, as emotions, vibrations and thoughts arise in you. It becomes [...]

Hush Formally trained for five years at the Newcastle school of art and design, HUSH took to painting after years spent working as an art director in the Far East. His work translates directly from street to gallery; recent sold-out shows include Fatales at Lazarides, London, Unseen at Corey Helford, Los Angeles and Sirens at [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Cryptik Cryptik creates from a palette of wonder, where all science, math, and true art spring from equal mystery. His is a clear-eyed art practice of more questions asked than answered. The Southern Californian creative’s intricate, almost trance-inducing works—be they on mammoth walls, slap stickers, or hanging in galleries—find voice in images [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Hebru Brantley Hebru Brantley creates narrative driven work revolving around his conceptualized iconic characters. Brantley utilizes these iconic characters to address complex ideas around nostalgia, the mental psyche, power and hope. The color palettes, pop-art motifs and characters themselves create accessibility around Brantley’s layered and multifaceted ideas. Majorly influenced by the South [...]

Anthony Lister Anthony Lister is a contemporary Australian-born painter and installation artist, best known for his merging of “high” and “low” cultural imagery in his work. He is looked to as one of the best painters in street art anywhere in the world. Born in 1979 in Brisbane, Australia, he studied at the Queensland College [...]

Zest Franck Noto, alias ZEST, born in 1980, is an autodidact street artist from Montpellier, France. He started painting in the early 2000’s with the graffiti crew TDM. With the years, Zest completely abandoned the realism of his initial artworks to go for a more abstract style, using the codes of cubism with the decomposition [...]

Tilt Born in 1973 in Toulouse, where he still lives and works, TILT is an internationally recognized graffiti artist. His passion for skateboarding naturally led him to discover a whole new universe at a very young age. In this world he came across the aesthetics and philosophy of graffiti, the transgressions it implied, as well [...]

Thomas Canto Born in 1979 in France. Inspired by experts across a variety of industries, Thomas Canto has charged himself with the task of finding the connection between the different areas. He is known for his work distorting speed and city structures until their original forms are effectively unrecognizable. Regardless of the genre, Canto finds [...]

Sowat Sowat made his first paintings on railways, highways and wasteland of Marseille. As a DMV member, he develops a work inspired by Cholo calligraphy - Chaz Bojorquez graffiti, Latino art gangs used to delimitate their territories in Los Angeles. His first meeting with Lek in 2009 marked the beginning of their “Mausolée” project, a [...]

Seth In the mid-90s, Julien Malland began mural painting in the 20th arrondissement of Paris under the name of « Seth ». He became famous among Parisian graffiti artists by creating characters. Graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs from Paris (ENSAD), he published in 2000, in collaboration with Gauthier Bischoff, “Kapital, one year of graffiti [...]

Sainer A dreamlike aesthetic that excels in the facial interpretation, here is what Sainer reveals, being member of the “ETAM cru” co-operative that combines the two Polish artists Sainer and Bezt. He especially works with the human representation with a particular ability that only reveals certain features of his characters’ faces. However these features are [...]

Ron English A prolific New York-based painter, designer and street artist, world famous for unforgettable images, on the street, in museums, movies, books, television, and album covers, Ron English coined the term POPaganda for his signature, a mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, humorously turning advertising [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Retna Los Angeles-based artist RETNA accesses spaces between text-based imagery and abstract emotive states with his mysterious lines of verse. Each block of text is a sophisticated system of hieroglyphs, calligraphy and illuminated script. With influences from Arabic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon (or Old English) and Native American typographies, RETNA’s distinctive language communicates [...]

Rafael Sliks The graffiti painter Rafael Sliks was born in São Paulo in Brazil. His study of calligraphy influenced his art : his graffiti signature creates a new aesthetic to reproduce and give birth to new artwork in murals, door or pictures. His abstract artworks highlight different types of lines to make people travelling through [...]

Nunca The work of Nunca (Portuguese for Never) is heavily influenced by the geometric patterns and colours found in the indigenous artwork and culture of South America. By placing images of native rural people from South America within the urban context of Sao Paulo his work comments on the history and culture of the city [...]

Mist The tag in its purest form, here is the menu proposed by MIST. The alphabet is his playground and he amuses himself by transforming and turning it upside down in order to give life to some astonished creatures. Excelling in a vital and autodidact art, MIST makes of the city his daily museum by [...]

Mehdi Cibille Mehdi Cibille has been graphist, director of big communication agencies before being street artist full time. Specialized in noughts and cross’ games arty representation, his style highlights the link between art, sciences and mathematics in all his artworks. Mehdi Cibille, also called “Le MoDuLe de ZeeR”. He took “Le MoDuLe de ZeeR” as [...]

Maya Hayuk Maya Hayuk’s paintings are dazzling glows of light and color in an ongoing pursuit of the psychedelic experience in visual form, injecting political activism and humor throughout. Her extensive love of indigenous imagery and music inspire the vigor and spontaneous dance of her work. Hayuk weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings into [...]

Marko93 Marko93, alias DarkVapor, is a graffiti artist and a light painter from Seine Saint-Denis, in France. He developed his own aesthetic style inspired by the graffiti from New York. His "Calligraffiti” is the gathering of the graffiti with an Arabic influenced calligraphy, joined together in an abstract way, as a form of texture. He [...]

Ludo Ludo is a contemporary artist born in 1976 in Paris. He is currently living and working in Paris. He studied art in Milan and started to create murals in Paris when he was a teenager. He started collage in 2007 which is now his trademark, as much as his favorite colors - black, white [...]

L'Atlas Jules Dedet, most known as L’ATLAS, is a French contemporary artist born in 1978. Fascinated by the history of calligraphy, he invented his own typographic language under methodical lines of a map. Arabic calligraphy and geometry get together to reveal a unique and subtle optical art that invade walls, floor, and canvases. With a [...]

Kan It was as an adolescent that Kan discovered graffiti. His meeting with Bom K pushed him to join the mythical DMV (Da Mental Vaporz) group. Defining himself as a "Street Pointillist", Kan went on to develop an innovative aesthetic. Combining his passion for computing (or IT) and design with the traditional Graffiti technique, he [...]

JonOne John Andrew Perello, alias JonOne or Jon156, is an American graffiti artist born in 1963. Originally from Harlem, New York, he lives and works now in Paris. He started tagging his name “Jon156” all over the neighborhood at the age of 17. In 1984, he founded the 156 All Starz Crew, who bring together [...]

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, alias JC/DC, is born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1949. He is primarily known for his talent as a fashion designer, dressing everyone from John Lennon and Lady Gaga to Pope John Paul II. For more than 40 years, he has been blending in a remarkable way, art with fashion, [...]

Jan Kaláb Jan Kaláb is a Czech contemporary artist born in 1978. In the 1990s, as the country was opening itself to the artistic influences of the western world, Jan Kaláb, became a pioneer of the local graffiti scene. Under the name of “Cake”, he started tagging walls of his hometown with his crew DSK. [...]

Inti From the name of the Inca divinity, it is not surprising if Inti transcribes his expression with warm, embosoming effects. Gigantesque sizes are for him an obsession just as the Latin representations, which are a reference to his Chilean roots. Thus, his famous « kusillo » is dressed from head to foot with bullets, [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Harif Guzman Harif Guzman is a world-renowned contemporary artist and a fashion designer born in Venezuela in 1975, currently living in New York. The city is not only his home but also his canvas and source of inspiration. His artistic influences derive from his experiences of honest craft and image making while [...]

Etam Cru Urban poetry is a subject mastered by the group ETAM CRU which combines under its initials the Polish duo of Sainer and Betz. The monumental formats deployed by ETAM CRU require technical skill and precision. They are an example of urban art now established as a legitimate and institutionalized production. The monumental is [...]

Ernest Zacharevic “En avant les histoires !” This famous French advertising slogan (inciting children to invent an adventure story with Playmobil toys) is a maxim that certainly illustrates Ernest Zacharevic’s art. But these particular stories are full of derision, denunciation and humor. And always use playful childish vocabulary. Playmobil figures, slides, dinosaurs or Tom and [...]

DALeast Hailing from Wuhan, central China’s most populous city, Daleast depicts the tense relationship between contrasting worlds — the natural and artificial, the organic and the synthetic. His aesthetic strives to bring these seemingly irreconcilable binaries into coalescence. Although his trademark style — his metallic, monochromatic, sculptural figures — can now be experienced all over [...]

Da Mental Vaporz BOM.K - BLO - BRUSK - DRAN - GRIS1 - ISO - JAW - KAN - LEK - SOWAT The French graffiti crew “Da Mental Vaporz” was created in 1999 by Bom.k and Iso within the Paris suburbs. Soon joined by Kan, they stood out by making huge murals in sordid lands [...]

Case Maclaim Case is a German Graffiti Artist living in Frankfurt / Main. His images are based on the re-presentation of body shapes and photo-realistic portraits. He is one of the four members of the “Maclaim Crew”, which was founded in 2000 and is considered as pioneer in photo-realistic representation within the graffiti scene. He [...]

Bom.K Born in 1973 in the southern suburbs of Paris, Bom.K fell into graffiti at the age of 17, via the sacrosanct Bibles that are "Spray Can Art" and "Subway Art '. Under the influence of contemporary pioneers, he learned the grammar of movement on the walls, vacant lots and trains in his neighborhood, where [...]

Bezt Urban poetics, now this is a subject mastered to extreme perfection by Bezt, a Polish member of the team ETAM Cru. The staggering formats that Bezt deploys in solo or with his acolyte Sainer require technical prowess and professional equipment. An example of an urban art establishing itself as a legitimate institutionalized production. The [...]

Belin Born in 1979 in Linares, Spain, Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes, alias Belin, is famous for his talented way of spreading hyperrealism codes among suburban landscapes. This Spanish urban artist has more than 15 years of experience in street art and urban art. Surrealist and innovator, he developed the Post Neo Cubism, a mix of [...]

Andrew Schoultz Born in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Andrew Schoultz currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He is a full-time artist, whose fame makes him travelling all around United States and overseas for exhibitions in museums and galleries. He also makes large-scale public murals artworks, which can be seen worldwide, from Los Angeles [...]

JOIN WAITING LIST Kenny Scharf Kenny Scharf is an American painter born in 1958 in Hollywood in California. He is still currently living and working in California in Los Angeles. This artist gained his notoriety and fame in New-York in the 1980s. He is fascinated by the surrealist and pop art movements. In 1978, he [...]