A painting by Tanc is a discovery

“There it is. You like it, you’re interested, and you interact with it as little by little your spirit, your unconscious, begins to understand and you perceive it differently. It pervades you, and you move into it, as emotions, vibrations and thoughts arise in you. It becomes a friend, a mirror, and a source. Tanc’s visual art is a kind of music. He composes music in the most natural way, and his visual art is unsurprisingly constructed along the same lines.

Although his approach to creation is deeply rooted and forms a pleasingly congruous whole, the sheer range of expression reminds us of an orchestra, with its many instruments, sounds and harmonies ‒ yet all united by the same score. Colors, forms, and processes are constructed, transformed, and opposed, but the spirit of his art remains the same. Tanc is the conductor and all the instrumentalists. This diversity may be disconcerting at first, but it begins to form a harmonious whole as we enter into the richness of his work.

Most important: freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of gesture, freedom of expression; freedom for the artist within his environment, freedom in how he uses his material. It is applied, divided, shaped and superposed. It thickens, flows, and then is set by the artist. Tanc plays with his material as if it were an instrument, dialoguing with it, understanding and directing it.

Tanc’s work is a world open to anyone. It imposes no thought; it opens the mind. With the lightest of touches, it conveys parcels of energy and happiness that help us to more deeply understand and appreciate it. It transforms our world and ‒ why not say it? ‒ brings a touch of joy.

Because Tanc’s work is authentic, it is constructed without constraint. It emerges from the pain of living and the flight from oneself, yet this artist has chosen endeavor rather than passivity. He has chosen solitude rather than society; he has chosen a unique path, finding in the deepest part of himself a truth that is offered today to those who are lucky enough to discover, perceive, and embrace it. This ephemeral moment in creation, writing, gesture, form and matter is actually eternal and rare. It’s rare, it’s unique, it’s Tanc.” Cstott

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