David Flores

David Flores

David Flores is a contemporary artist known for his highly stylized and vibrant paintings. Born into a multicultural environment in California, he was introduced to oil painting by his mother at the age of 7. Since then, Flores has developed a passion for creating art as a painter, muralist, and designer, where his work translates from walls and canvas to large sculpture and product design. He does not note the difference since all it takes is to create.

Flores began his career as an artist, using the urban landscape as his canvas. 

He quickly gained attention for his iconic imagery and bold use of color. His work is heavily influenced by pop culture. He often incorporates famous iconic portraits and Americana into his paintings. He is best known for his instantly recognizable mosaic or segmented style, which formed organically after years of creating skate graphics.  

By the age of 18 he was Internationally published and creating logos that are still heavily used in the skate industry today.

Flores has an unrelenting need to constantly be creating. His use of vibrant colors and complex layering techniques gives his work a dynamic feel, while his attention to detail and style adds a level of nostalgia and familiarity. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and internationally, and he has been commissioned for public mural projects around the world. He has also been featured in numerous publications and has won several awards for his work. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) acquired the artwork of David Flores in 2006, where it resides in the museum’s permanent collection. He enjoys participating with a variety of companies to further his catalog. Some of these opportunities have led to great collaborations with Barney’s New York, Disney, Oakley, The Olympic Games, Medicom, Stussy, Nike, The Los Angeles Dodgers, The New York Racing Association, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Equinox, The Mexican Consulate, The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Through his work, Flores aims to challenge the traditional boundaries of fine art and demonstrate the potential for art to be appreciated in public spaces. 

He aims to make art that is not only visually striking but also socially relevant. He continues to push the boundaries of his art and inspire a new generation of artists.

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