Eric Lacan

Eric Lacan, aka Monsieur Qui, born in 1976 in Montreuil in the Parisian suburbs, now lives and works nearby in Vincennes. After collaborating in the 1990s with the PG (Putain de Gosses) crew and the 132 crew, he moved in the early 2000s from Paris to Marseille, where he had no time for graffiti but discovered collage via a flat mate’s New York photo-reports.

Back in Paris in 2008, now a freelance illustrator in the fashion world in particular, he soon became known for his street art combining outdoor collages and detailed paintings of dark, unexpectedly elegant women. An accident in 2012 curtailed his urban art so he focused on studio work, experimenting with numerous techniques.

His first solo show, Seventeen Seconds, at the Openspace gallery in Paris, revealed his talent for conjugating painting on canvas with the delicate art of cut paper.

Invited by Agnès b. to the État des lieux, Paris 2013 group show at the Galerie du Jour, he then took part in the In Situ festival at Aubervilliers in 2014, where his painting of an S&M cockerel caused a sensation.

In October 2014, his second solo show, All Monsters Are Human, depicts a gallery of monsters and a unique bestiary, a dark yet precious and poetic world creating a powerful, melancholic sense of romanticism.


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