Born in 1973 in the southern suburbs of Paris, Bom.K fell into graffiti at the age of 17, via the sacrosanct Bibles that are "Spray Can Art" and "Subway Art '. Under the influence of contemporary pioneers, he learned the grammar of movement on the walls, vacant lots and trains in his neighborhood, where he multiplied tags, flops and lettering frescoes / characters strongly inspired by New Yorker.

In 1999, he founded with Iso the Da Mental Vaporz group and started producing a more personal and intimate kind of graffiti. Padded isolation rooms, nightmarish concrete bars and sinister-looking, emaciated B-boys. The universe he developed on frescoes is modeled on his world: raw, dirty, violent and suburban.

Since then Bom.K has expanded his infernal bestiary and multiplied artistic experiences outside industrial wastelands. He set up his first exhibitions (Paris, Denmark, Los Angeles, Berlin ...), published a book of illustrations which drew a lot of attention, creating statuettes, prints and posters, sowing them around him.

Today, his work focuses on cinemascope format canvases on which he gives full rein to his imagination, displaying themes dear to him and to name just one among many others, the famous senseless Aérotiks, whose naked bodies and hybrid sexual fantasies seem like glimpses of Francis Bacon, with Gonzo imagery thrown in. If you gaze at them long enough, they seem to breathe, to come to life and crawl towards the viewer.


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