Robert Proch

Although he graduated from the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, this Polish artist has been developing his concept of graffiti in the street since the early 2000s, while carrying out further research into animation films. After his first Paris solo show Turn the Corner in 2013, the young 28-year-old artist continued to adorn canvases with his monochrome colors in a infinite variety of shades at institutional exhibitions such as the ‘UrbanArt Biennale’ at Völklinger in Germany in 2015 or past year ‘The Children of Kupka’ at the Mairie de Puteaux in France. Robert Proch chooses to fragment parts of his paintings and create dynamic forms through a deconstruction process that is truly narrative, visible and intelligible, including multiple planes with glazing and vanishing lines. Whether you class him as part of the Graffuturism movement or Abstract Fugurative Art, Robert Proch has always defied categorisation, and like the classical painters, he is fond of depicting scenes from daily life, most often set in the urban space he loves so much. For his second Paris solo show, ‘545 Days’, he publicly displays his own private life in this new body of work, showing his family in daily situations which are so ordinary they become extraordinary and creating the deepest empathy within us. From his conception to his first steps, we see the artist’s child grow and develop, day after day, for exactly 545 days – the time separating the birth of his baby from the date of his exhibition opening. (Picture © Damian Christidis)