Mehdi Cibille

Mehdi Cibille has been graphist, director of big communication agencies before being street artist full time. Specialized in noughts and cross’ games arty representation, his style highlights the link between art, sciences and mathematics in all his artworks. Mehdi Cibille, also called “Le MoDuLe de ZeeR”. He took “Le MoDuLe de ZeeR” as his street name because this name’s calligraphy allowed him a perfect symmetry and flow : he can overlay letters. Le MoDule De ZeeR (LMDLDZR) is a logo black and white which embodies Mehdi Cibille’s artistic touch.

Mehdi Cibille creates dark lines which form a complex matter, a volume which seems to come from another galaxy. His noughts and cross’ are like spaceships lost in the modern space. They can also be understood as a way to create a robotic language or network. Would it be the version 2.0 of L’Hourloupe by Jean Dubuffet (paintings series from 1962 to 1974) ? It might also be a new way of writing or communicating: everyone can feel and have its own interpretation : there are always mysteries behind Mehdi Cibille’s drawings that it’s so interesting to look for and discover.

Mehdi Cibille have already took part of a lot of exhibitions in Paris, New York, Genève, he has also collaborated with the designer Agnès b, the famous gallery owner Magda Danysz or Jennifer Flay, FIAC’s director. Discover his lithograph “Start Game Over Soluce” , edited and produced in exclusivity by Print Them All.