Franck Noto, alias ZEST, born in 1980, is an autodidact street artist from Montpellier, France. He started painting in the early 2000’s with the graffiti crew TDM. With the years, Zest completely abandoned the realism of his initial artworks to go for a more abstract style, using the codes of cubism with the decomposition of the movement to depict the female body, a constant in his work, all in bright fluorescent colors.

Since 2011, ZEST has been moving from street walls to other mediums, such as the canvas and the sculpture mixing paintbrush, marker and spray cans. Yet ZEST doesn’t give up the street art. He recently painted huge frescoes for the “Life is beautiful” festival in Las Vegas, for the festival “Asalto” in Zaragoza, in Spain and for the “Metropolink” festival in Heidelberg, Germany.  His work can be seen worldwide, you can find it, especially in the major cities of Europe, but also overseas, in New York and Las Vegas.


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