Loft du 34 x Print Them All

The Loft of 34 is born out of Sylvie and Laurent’s will, a daring and passionate of urban art couple who made its career in the real estate sector, the young gallery has today become a meeting point in the street artistic environment. Thanks to its raw decor of an apartment converted into exhibition space of 160 m2, its exposed beams, its bay windows and bare stone walls on two floors. But especially thanks to its shows, solo or collective, appealing to the talent of emerging or confirmed virtuosos, local or international. Thus, Astro, DXTR, Alber, Marko 93 or Xare and dAcRuZ have witnessed their successors like Shane, Maite Sant, Stom500 and Colombian Gris Onele.

However, what makes the true originality of the Loft of the 34 are the unique creations accompanying its retrospectives. Phosphorescent canvases, diversified supports and wooden sculptures, a gigantic trompe l’oeil occupying all the entrance for the ‘Immersion’ event, a studio floor-to-ceiling covered with graffiti for ‘Home Staging’, and even a silhouetted photocall for ‘Dark Sign’ … More than a gallery, the Loft of 34 is the shrine of an unbridled imagination, almost unlimited. Not to mention the human warmth that emanates from the place, on which the son of the founders, Alex, now looks after with mastery. Far from the usual coldness of Parisian “white cubes”.

Lithograph 4 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic, hand cut. Signed and numbered by the artist. Stamped by our printing house.

Edition of 99.

Year of production : 2017