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MAIA CONTEMPORARY is a private gallery of contemporary art in Mexico City that aims to promote, exhibit and sell the work of young and emerging artists. Seeking to promote the career of national and international artists on the world stage of contemporary art through exhibitions and public art projects through original visual experiences.

MAIA is located in Casa Basalta, Colima 159, Roma Norte.

Casa Basalta is a 1910 white house completely renovated by architect Rodrigo Lastra. It presents different concepts: art gallery, forum for events, meditation center, restaurants, shops and offices.

Collaboration with RETNA

This etching series has been created during Retna’s stay in Mexico for his solo show “The Long Count” organized by Maia Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO).

During his stay, Retna had the occasion to visit the renowned studio Taller De Grabado of Fernando Sandoval in Oaxaca where he decided to create a series of etchings including “El Mescalero”.

Etching created with ink Charbonnel.

Edition of 33.

Year of production : 2018