David de la Mano

David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary artist born in Salamanca in 1975. He decided to work in the art field after his study in the art school of Salamanca. He started by creating sculptures, he discovered then the urban art thanks to other artists. Since 1993, he is drawing on walls around the world in Spain, Norway, Italy, Taiwan, USA, France, as example. He is now living and working in Uruguay.

He is known for his minimalist aesthetic while using black and white themes depicting human figures. His art highlights a vision of humanity with a lot of metaphor and poetry. He is playing with shadows and lights, forms and contrasts to convey his vision of the world to us. Humans and nature are merged and at the same time fight in a perpetual movement. David de la Mano is particularly interested by the theme of the link : the link between human beings as a mass which evolves, in groups, as a flow, or the link between human and nature also as a danger or a union.