In 1990, aged 11, Smash137 discovered spray cans, and has not left them since. Painting his signature with style and precision around the world, he soon became one of the leaders in the graffiti movement. The Museum of Fine Arts in his hometown Basel, Switzerland, recognized his talent almost immediately and invited him to show his work as early as 1997. By this time he had already exhibited in galleries and museums in Australia, North and South America and Europe.

By 2006 his work had evolved out of the street and into the studio where the walls became his canvas. Of his creative process he says, “It starts like a thunderstorm of impulsive colors around a calm, almost harmonic centerpiece, similar to the eye of a hurricane”. His trademark is to keep a balance between these explosive colors and vivid lines and his motivation is the quest for the perfect creation of calligraphy and abstraction to calm this storm.


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