Print Them All aims to bring you the finest art home.

For this reason we love also collaborating with galleries and museums in order to give you a vast collection of limited editions prints by worldwide contemporary artists.


Print Them All collaborates with the prestigious Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) in Geneva for the release of the lithograph “Magicalf” in 2017 and the series “No Stain, No Gain” in 2018 of the famous Swiss artist John M. Armleder. MAMCO, opened since 1994, is the largest Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Switzerland. Dedicated to art since the 1960s, it exhibits a collection of more than 3000 works and maintains close relationships with many Swiss and international artists. MAMCO has organized more than 600 exhibitions, including major retrospectives about John M Armleder, Sylvie Fleury, Martin Kippenberger, Jim Shaw, Marcia Hafif and Franz Erhard Walther, and more recently about Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker and William Leavitt.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2005, located in the Culver City art district since 2009, Thinkspace exists as a catalyst for the New Contemporary movement. Print Them All decided to collaborate with this gallery to produce a lithograph with the American artist Michael Reeder.

The original artwork from this lithograph is one of the main artworks of Michael Reeder’s solo show called “The Otherealm”, opening the Saturday 3rd August 2019 at Thinkspace in Los Angeles, on view until the 24th August 2019. This lithograph was produced in collaboration with Thinkspace as part of this exhibition.


Galerie des Bains is an art gallery that was founded in 2013. Originally specialized in urban art, Galerie des Bains now exhibits works of contemporary art by renowned artists or young talents. It is located in the heart of the Quartier des Bains, a center of contemporary Geneva culture, among art galleries and museums. Originality and creativity: the selection of Galerie des Bains offers to discover different artistic universes thanks to its various exhibitions.

For our first etching « El Mescalero » by RETNA, Print Them All collaborated with MAIA Contemporary, a gallery located in Mexico City. This etching series has been created during Retna’s stay in Mexico for his solo show “The Long Count” organized by Maia Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO). During his stay, Retna had the occasion to visit the renowned studio Taller De Grabado of Fernando Sandoval in Oaxaca where he decided to create a series of etchings including “El Mescalero”.

From the collaboration between Print Them All and the Loft du 34 is born a beautiful lithograph named “Pink Blue Eyes Tiger” by the French artist Marko93. Loft du 34, a Parisian gallery created on 2006, aims to promote artists such as Marko93, which stem from the Urban art world.

Print Them All and Open Space gallery collaborate several times and each time something good came out of it, namely the lithograph “Falling Circle” by Robert Proch and “Madone” by Eric Lacan. Open Space Gallery aims to develop the contemporary urban art by supporting emerging and confirmed artists from the world art stage. Each artwork represented by Open Space Gallery have all in common that they stand out by their quality, and the lithographs created in collaboration with Print Them All make no exception.

Print Them All and Galerie Le Feuvre collaborated on two occasions: for the release of the first lithograph of the artist Sowat titled “Ars Longa Vita” and for the release of the lithograph “Age of Tomorrow” by the artist Mist. Galerie Le Feuvre, created in 2005 is a Gallery specialized in contemporary art which aims to find artists with a true hallmark and sincere and original artwork.

Print Them All and Wunderkammern Gallery get together for the release of the lithograph “Still Life of a Space Time” by the artist Thomas Canto. Wunderkammern first gallery opened his doors in 2008 in Rome and has now another gallery in Milano. Characterized by three main values, namely art research, professionalism and art market, Wunderkammern exhibits art pieces exploring themes related to the paradox, the marvelous, the connection between the inside and the outside. Themes that we can find on Thomas Canto’s art work.

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